Make sure you are covered.
LOLA has built a reputation as a leading provider of exceptional service and
superior accident and health products. LOLA is committed to delivering innovative
insurance products that provide greater financial stability in an ever-changing
marketplace, helping to protect insured against the serious impact of sudden
injury or catastrophic illness.

LOLA’s superior underwriting expertise and vast capabilities enable us to provide
a robust product portfolio. LOLA’s product of credit accident and health is designed
to meet the unique needs of individuals.

Credit Accident and Health Insurance provides coverage if the borrower is under
the care and treatment of a licensed physician, other than himself, and is wholly
and continuously prevented from performing any kind or type of work.  Indemnity
benefits are based on the rate of one-thirtieth (1/30) of the monthly payment
for each covered day of disability.

LOLA offers three plans, each having different retroactive periods:

 ·  7 day
 ·  14 day
 ·  30 day

The cost of these plans can be greatly reduced by eliminating cases of very short
disability periods.   The costumer must be disabled continuously for the waiting
period as indicated on the certificate, before any benefits are paid.  Benefits start
on the 1st day of injury or illness but are only paid after the retroactive period on
the certificate has been satisfied.

LOLA goes the extra mile to keep our clients and customers happy!
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Accident and Health Insurance
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