Don't wait until it is too late.
Credit Life Insurance is a policy that pays off outstanding credit balances in
the event of the insured death.  It's an ideal way to eliminate debt and otherwise
eliminate the debt that would have to be paid by family members.

A Credit Life Insurance policy is in some ways similar to conventional life insurance
products like Term-Life Insurance and Whole-Life Insurance. All three products pay
out when the insured dies by natural or accidental causes. Credit Life is offered to
borrowers who have recently taken a new loan, including mortgage, auto and
personal loans. Life of Louisiana is proud to offer this product.

Credit life insurance not only protects the borrower but the lender.  The advantages
of credit life are:

·   Protection to cover the entire loan or a portion of it.
·   Coverage is reduced annually as your loan balance decreases.
·   It is a group policy – this helps keep underwriting to a minimum by
      spreading the cost over a large buying group.
·   It is guaranteed renewable – you don’t have to worry about losing
      insurance protection because your policy is guaranteed renewable as
      long as premiums are paid.
·   Available for qualifying co-signers including your spouse, business
      partner or anyone who would be personally liable for the loan.
·   Convenient, quick and easy application process.

Just A Few Pennies A Day Can Help You Protect Your Family.  

The Bottom Line:  Without this coverage, your monthly loan payment obligation will
continue, even in the event of your death!
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Credit Life Insurance
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