Life Insurance Company of Louisiana
Life Insurance Company of Louisiana or Life of Louisiana was founded in 1964 by
George Dalman Nelson.  Today, Life of Louisiana is managed by George D. Nelson,
Jr., Chairman and CEO.

Life of Louisiana (LOLA) provides services to the State of Louisiana through three
main products:
Credit Life Insurance
Accident and Health Insurance
Captive Reinsurance Company
LOLA provides credit insurance to independent automobile dealers and banks, in
Louisiana.  LOLA also manages and reinsures foreign-based insurance companies
for several of its largest customers.  

LOLA underwrites its policies on the front end effectively in contrast to the normal
practice in the industry.  We historically maintain minimal loss ratios and many of
our customers participate in their own underwriting experience.  

Our marketing strategy involves presenting competitive products, our low loss rate
with upfront underwriting, and our status as a low operating cost provider.  

LOLA is locally owned and operated in the State of Louisiana.
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About Us
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