Life of Louisiana
Life Insurance Company of Louisiana, or LOLA, was established in 1964 and is
chartered as a Louisiana corporation.  We began in Shreveport offering services
in Louisiana.  As a result, we have developed extensive resources and provided
stability to our clients.

Our experienced staff provides professional services to our clients on insurance
underwriting, claims, accounting, handling, training and general customer service.


Life Insurance Company of Louisiana’s mission is to provide the highest quality
support and services in the insurance industry.  We exist through long trusted
relationships because our focus is to maintain the highest moral and ethical values
to our clients.  Our services will exceed the expectations of our clients.


LOLA provides life products and management services to help our clients achieve
a comfortable level of protection to include:

Credit Life Insurance

·  Accident and Health Insurance

·  Establishment of Captive Reinsurance Companies

These products and services will be typically used by, but not limited to, equipment,
banks, auto and furniture dealers.  
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Life Insurance Company of Louisiana
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